Coffee Break: Parent Advocate Muhammed Akil on Getting Honest About Our Weaknesses and Creating Real Change

thumb.jpgMuhammed Akil is a fierce advocate for school choice and unflinching in his conviction that we must confront long-time failures of traditional school systems.

Newark Voters Gear Up for Last School Board Race Before State Is Set to Return District to Local Control

thumb.jpgIn 1995, the New Jersey Department of Education seized control of Newark Public Schools after the state’s high court determined it was necessary to rescue a system plagued by poor test scores, questionable spending, and crumbling facilities.

When black kids don't matter

thumb.jpgCan’t understand why the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Movement for Black Lives have issued proclamations opposing the expansion of school choice and Parent Power for the very black families for which they proclaim to care?

5 Questions for the Executive Director of PC2E

thumb.jpgA new organization was formed about six months ago to provide public school parents with a voice in education. While Parents Coalition for Excellent Education, or PC2E, has a statewide focus, its roots are in Newark.

New education reform group ready to go public, targets parental involvement


A new pro-reform education advocacy group is about to go public, with backing from some prominent names in New Jersey school policy and funding from a group that supports charter schools.

Newark Pop Warner football team moves closer to national championship game


The Pop Warner football club's Pee Wee team, made up of boys between 9 and 11, defeated the East Vancouver (Wash.) Venom 39-0 on Saturday. The win earns them a spot in the annual Pop Warner Super Bowl's second round on Tuesday, when they will take on a team from Mt. Hope, R.I.

Carl Sharif Dies at the age of 75

thumb.jpgCarl Sharif, the brainy, hard-nosed South Ward political power broker who helped launch Cory Booker’s career in local politics, has died. 

In Newark, booming charter schools flex new political muscle

thumb.jpgThe politics around charter schools in Newark will never be the same after Tuesday's election, which saw a new army of charter parents turn out for the first time. The number of votes cast on Tuesday was roughly double the total only two years ago, an encouraging sign as Newark prepares to resume local control within a few years.

Opinion: Inspired By Muhammad Ali to Confront the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

thumb.jpgIn both private thought and public commemorations, many of us continue to reflect on the great life of Muhammad Ali. Rather than celebrate the man in general terms – the great athlete, the provocative speaker, the civil rights activist – let’s challenge ourselves to find the same courage he showed throughout his life to aggressively address our difficult social issues head on.

Christie's poison dart at urban schools would take down charters, too

thumb.jpgThe striking success of urban charter schools, especially in Newark and Camden, is beyond any reasonable doubt and may be remembered as Gov. Chris Christie's most important win.